A Silk Scarf by Dedame

Is handcrafted with care

A Dedame silk scarf is handmade with love and attention to detail, which makes it special, together with its patented design.

It’s not only classy, elegant, and eye-catchy, but convenient to wear, too.

Lets your personality shine

Are you the creative type? Or maybe have a sophisticated flair? Love the freshness of green or the energy of red? There’s a silk scarf suitable for every character!

A matching style for mothers and daughters is available too!

Is the ultimate accessory

With its unique design, a Dedame silk scarf can be tied in many different styles: a classic knot, a butterfly, a crossbow, a tie knot, and many more!

One thing is for sure: it’s the must-have accessory in every woman’s closet!

Mother &
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Tie Your Dedame Silk Scarf in 8 Ways